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Android Authority Podcast

Apr 24, 2017

Joshua Vergara arrives late for the show, understandably, while Jonathan Feist and Adam Molina follow David Imel's lead through the intro and outro of the show. Episode 105 of the Android Authority Podcast is packed full of a bit of news, with the Chrome ad blocker, Nexus 6P bootloop and Huawei's RAM and file system lottery. Truth told, Josh's recent travels finally dominate the podcast, as we talk Xiaomi Mi 6 and the long time coming Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with, and for some of the latest from our team. 

The Android Authority Podcast - discussing topics in Android every week.


Rough Timecodes:
Check-in with games, VR, audio gear and more.
20:00 - Huawei RAM and UFS file system lottery
25:00 - Huawei and Google sued over Nexus 6P bootloop and battery drain and Bose lawsuit over your data
35:00 - Chrome ad blocker
46:00 - Xiaomi Mi 6
74:00 - Samsung Galaxy S8


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