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Android Authority Podcast

Apr 25, 2016

Andrew Grush returns to join Josh Vergara, Joe Hindy and Jonathan Feist for the latest episode of the AA Podcast. Joe's spirited discussion on what makes a flagship smartphone stand out continues this week, moving the topic more to the software side of things. We didn't talk about Google bringing app awards to the Google I/O conference this year, but we did talk about what we do and do not like about some phones, we think the Motorola Citrus with a Nexus Live Case or DBrand skin wouldn't make the phone any better, but that certainly made us talk about physical buttons.

Thank you to AJ for his continued awesomeness in our forums, we hope we answered your questions with grace. Thank you for joining us, be sure to check out our partner sites, with SoundGuys covering the best mobile audio gear and TabTimes talking all things tablet. Sign up for our various newsletters and enter for your chance to win one of our many giveaways.

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