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Android Authority Podcast

Aug 23, 2019

Adam, Joe, and Jonathan discuss Google’s rebrand of Android. Desserts are gone; letters are gone. The logo has changed, and the wordmark is different. We discuss the new look, and feel of Android’s signage. Also, Google has a new Home mini coming out with a headphone jack. Huawei gets to work with US companies for another 3 months, and they’re a little rude about it. Finally, Eric Zeman took a trip to Shenzhen and toured Huawei’s facilities and came away impressed.

Recorded August 22, 2019

Time codes

1:55 – Inside Google’s massive Android rebrand

21:15 – Google Home Mini 2 info leaks: Google Nest Mini with headphone jack, wall mount

28:40 – Huawei’s 90-day reprieve extended by another 90 days 

38:35 – I spent a week in China with Huawei. Here’s what I learned.

57:05 – Report: 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature

The Android Authority podcast is:

Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology

Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom

Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy

Produced by Adam Doud

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